Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remember Everything

You know when you are looking at your daily blogs everyday and you find something that you totally love and say to yourself...oh I will remember that...no need to worry...I will just look it up again later. And then when you remember to remember that awesome thing you found you realize that you have no idea where that wonderful thing is and ohhh how you wished you had written it down or saved the link or something. Well, while flying home fom Chicago the other week I decided to read the American Airlines magazine that they store in the seat pocket in front of you and what did I find but one of the coolest website advertisements ever. It called Evernote and basically anything you want to remember you can "capture" it and store it at Evernote. You can access it from any computer or from your phone. You can even download a widget so that all you have to do is click on the Evernote icon and it will automatically save what you want to your account. I love it and you should too. So check it out. Its free and sooo very cool.

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