Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Butterfly lashes....

I love make-up and I think I do a pretty fine job of applying it every day...but I felt so strongly about having my make-up done professionally for my big day. I used an amazing make-up artist named Sherry from MAC cosmetics. Sherry knows what she is doing and is fantastic at it. I had scheduled a make-up application for my e-session at MAC cosmetics and was so pleased with the results that I asked if she did work on the side. It was so much more than thinking I needed a little extra blush and mascara...its was about high lighting my face and making sure my complexion looked flawless. It was about making sure that from the moment my guests saw me walking down the aisle to my last dance that I still looked beautiful, not overdone but perfect. I wanted to say to myself when I looked back at my pictures that everything looked just right. So, bring on the fake eyelashes, the concealer and lipstick and make sure to look the part!

Photo by Katie Stoops

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