Monday, August 30, 2010

dejarnette new orleans

Katherine, the owner and artist of Dejarnette New Orleans is a true blue Internet friend of mine. I discovered her website years ago and have bought goodies from her thru the years. Before my wedding I reached out to Katerine over email to let her know that Alex and I were going to New Orleans for our honeymoon and whether or not she had a store and if she had any favorite restaurants to recommended. Well, Ms Katherine just blew me away with her response. She created 3 beautiful pages of the most valuable city information that rivaled any guide book out there of where to shop, eat and play and included maps. Not only did she list a restaurant and the address, she listed why we should go there, her favorite dish and really cool inside advice. Her recommendations became the outline of our visit. 
Alex and I probably fell in love with New Orleans with the help of Katherine because we saw the city thru her eyes a little bit.

Her on line store is a must see! Thanks again Katerine for all of her help. XO everyone and have a good Monday.

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  1. Ohhh...good find! Her jewelry is fabulous! I especially love the Under the Ice necklace and the Antique Gold Knot necklace.


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