Friday, November 5, 2010

silver and grey

I am so in love with this fashion board from This is glamorous ! I love the sparkle and the colors and I kind of like how sequences are coming back. J Crew had the right idea when the put the cast of The Romantics in their magazine modeling their clothes and Katie Homes was dressed in sequences. Wouldn't you so be the best dressed at a party in that skirt!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on MONDAY!!!


  1. That skirt immediately caught my attention, and it would look nice daughter. lol

    You're still young and hip enough to carry it off too. :)

  2. SOOO not true Anita! You could totally pull that skirt off! Black tights and boots would be perfect for you and with your MOA (Michelle Obama Arms) you would look smashing!!! xo


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