Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mrs Cleanse

One of my favorite things about vacation besides the endless cocktails, chips and guacamole, sun tanning, napping and playing games with the family was the juice bar they had at breakfast every day. Usually, green colored juices totally scare me. I usually wouldn't dare try something like that but for some reason I could not get enough of that green juice and other juices on vacation. I looked forward to what would be there each morning. I mean, who am I? Wheat grass, carrots, pine nuts, beets, strawberries and many otherl kinds of veggies and fruits all mixed together...to drink. I consider myself a very healthy eater but I never embraced juice cocktails. But this trip, when I drank them I felt like I was drinking liquid gold/goodness. Like, it was kind of canceling out all the other bad food or abundance of food I was eating. It was great and I miss them.

Mrs. Lilien over on her blog thinks that all of us could do with a little juicing more like cleansing to help deal with the aftermath of the holidays. She has some great recipes to check out and I might just have to give it a go. I guess I better go get  a juicer.

Image via Mrs. Lilien


  1. I miss that green juice too! I'd love to get a juicer too. Hmm...might look into that right now :)

  2. Hmmm-turning super healthy with all those fruits and veggies. I like it. Love, Mom


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