Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the song, the look, the story

I love this song and commercial. I like what it is trying to get across. Bringing style and grace back to today. Taking pride in what you look like and making each event an event. I also love how Crysler is trying to bring it all back. Crysler holds a little special place in my heart these days.

My grandfather gifted Alex his 1969 pea green Crysler when we got engaged. We had it shipped from Pulaski, Virginia to Vineland, New Jersey were is now lives and is the talk of the town.

I used to be so embarrassed by that car, one summer during college my Mom drove it around so that there would be an extra car for us kids to use and I would hate being seen in it. People would get out out of  their cars at stop lights and ask to buy it on the spot.

When Alex and I first started dating we would "go for a drive" when it was a nice day.  I always loved doing that.

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  1. Love this sweet post. Going for a drive in a cool car is such a great date.


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