Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Drywall...clean slate....

New Drywall makes everything better. Makes everything look better. The new pantry also has been framed and drywalled and I am so excited for it. There will be a pocket door installed there. The hardware is there but we still need to get the door. It comes to about 3'x5' of storage and will be filled with shelves and will house the garbage can and a future microwave. For some reason when we moved to this house we never got a microwave and have not really missed it. When we do get one we don't want to loose valuable counter space so in the pantry it will go.

We also put hardi board down to get ready to do our new slate tile floor. Now there is a real delineation of where the kitchen starts and stops. 

One of the bigger challenges of this phase was making the ceiling look as if the wall opening was always there.

Oh, and all those wires you are seeing hanging down from behind the tv..well, we have a big plan for that. So don't worry...it won't be ugly forever. We just have to get to it.

Phase 1 & 2

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  1. Looking good, looking good. Love seeing the progress.


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