Friday, April 22, 2011

scarf love

I wear a scarf almost everyday. Right now, my light pink scarf makes the most appearances. I am always a little chilly. My office in colder inside than it is outside. Scarf's upgrade outfits instantly! Don't you just love the top scarf. I think it might be time to pull out a new scarf.

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  1. I love scarves! They are so perfect to spruce up a simple outfit!

  2. Thanks for stopping by @ApachesPrincess! Scarfs are the best!

  3. I adore that first scarf. When I was in high school, my voice teacher taught me to always wear a scarf. It keeps the throat at a good temperature and keeps illnesses away, she said. I did it for years, but I have to admit, I'm having trouble wearing scarves here in Southern CA. Maybe I just need the right one.

  4. Hi Brandi, Thanks so much for visiting! We must have gotten some of your Ca weather here in PA! It was so hot today and I LOVED IT!


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