Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There is this guy at the gym who looks just like Ethan from Lost.  Every time I see him it freaks me out a little bit and makes me miss Lost at the same time. He gets me every time. I wonder if he even knows he looks like him.



  1. Where is he? I see two vans with side mirrors that seem to form a set of eyes.

    Never watched Lost...maybe that's why I'm "lost." :)

  2. @Anita...since you never watched Lost you would not get it...hahaha. Ethan was a really scary "Other"!! If you are looking for a show to hurt your brain and keep you on the edge of your seat, Lost is it!!!

  3. I came late to the party as far as "Lost" was concerned. Thank goodness for Netflix. When Ethan debuted, I seriously reconsidered what I was watching! In the end, it was worth the scary bits.

  4. @Hilary, I will forever miss lost...scary bits and all!

  5. Looking forward to the days of sitting to watch TV again. Maybe I'll latch on to something as good as Lost.


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