Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday funday...

I am so in love with this dress. Every part of it is beautiful to me. Did everyone have a nice weekend? I managed a most beautiful wedding on Friday that was filled with white and pink peonies. They were just so beautiful. I got to take some of the flowers home with me and have really enjoyed having them around the house. It makes me want to have flowers around more.

Saturday, was a beautiful day for  a wedding, except for the fact that the world was supposed to end. I am not going to lie I kept on thinking about it. My reception was going beautifully and at 6pm exactly the skies did open up and pour for about 30mins.  No end of the world as we know it...but just a little rain.

Here are some of my favorite posts I have seen out and about.

Have a nice Monday.

Friendship bracelets...don't you want them all.

A beautiful Miami Bride

Clever use of binder clips

What it would be like having a tiger as a pet...

Did you have a rock collection as a kid...I did and for the record, those rock tumblers don't work!

I love this Kate Spade inspired party.

I am a little obsessed with mini donuts these days. I want to try to make them one day.

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  1. Oh my goodness... that dress! I stared at the awesome details FOREVER. Truly gorgeous.


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