Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Claytor Lake

 Our Cabin
 The new dock..we ended up hanging out on the lower level more than the top part.

 We ate dinner outside every night
 Food tastes better here, you sleep better here, you dream the most crazy dreams here, you eat well, drink lots of wine and play games a lot
That's Desmond...my friend Katie's dog

 My dad and I had to rescue the Cris Craft with the green boat...minor mishap 
that got fixed quickly
Sitting pretty
 We built a huge bon fire and roasted marshmallows...the boys became 
obsessed with the fire.
Mom and Dad
Heading home

It was a great visit and I can't wait till out next visit.


  1. I'll have to hear more about Claytor Lake when I see your parents again. Sounds like it was a relaxing, good time.

  2. looks like such a great time - I love staying on the lake in the summer and eating outdoors + making bonfires! so fun.

  3. ohhhhhh i miss it SO much! every time i think of the boat incident, i chuckle to myself. miss you all!

  4. @Katie...i miss it too! Can't wait till next summer!

  5. @alli...it was so much fun! Your vacation looked great too!

  6. Love your pictures. Loved being there with you and Alex.


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