Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Wednesday and Rikshaw Design

Catherine Fitzimmons from Rickshaw Design sent me an email the other day to see if I would like to partake in her new "Random Wednesdays" posts. Of course I jumped at the idea and put together some images that caught my eye and are being posted on Catherine's blog.
Check it out and her shop.

What's in her shop you ask?  Well, just the most lovely block printed, Indian inspired clothing and bedding. Goods just as wonderful as wait she is more wonderful...inside in out. Catherine's blog is on my daily read list and I love reading what she has to say and what inspires her.

So, check it out and thanks so much Catherine for including me in all this "Random" fun!


  1. claire,
    you are so sweet. Your sweet comments have brightened my days and i had to investigate on you further..which lead me to your beautiful blog. Thanks for participating, and your images have me day-dreaming!

  2. Ohh, I LOVE her shop!!! Love your guest post!! Perfect images :)


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