Thursday, September 29, 2011

i bet I could eat a box of donuts, one day i might do it. i really think i could. in truth, i never eat them. i just think about them a lot and try to put them into the menus for the events i plan. ohh they are so good and i am convinced they are the next big thing. i would be happy to never see a cupcake/mini cupcake again. mark my words "designer donuts" are where its at!
image from 'Tis so Sweet

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  1. i completely agree. i've always loved donuts, especially the hostess chocolate covered ones that i ate by the box-full as a kid. when i arrived to college, my dad used to send them in care packages. and sure enough, just like when i was a kid, they were gone in a day. here's to designer donuts!


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