Tuesday, November 15, 2011

cat quilt

When I was little my Mom said I could sew a quilt. I remember loving picking out all the fabrics and cutting the squares out and then when it came time to sew it together I got really excited because I knew it would be so beautiful when it was done. Well, I never got far, I think I put two rows together and just moved on. I am a wanna be crafter. I saw this beautiful quilt on mer mag  via Design Crush and am so in love with it. I wish I could get all crafty and make it. Its awesome! I want to snuggle up on my couch with it. Don't you love it. I need someone to make this for me. Any takers?!


  1. love this adorable story! and the photos make you feel like part of the family.

  2. My mom is quilter and she helped me make a quilt topper for my bed when I went to college. Like you, I was so excited, then about halfway through it, I was like, "Um, do you want to finish this for me?" :) In the end, I finished it, but you can tell where my creative juices started to drain (one side was infinitely more creative than the other). She made Craig and I one for our wedding present that we keep on our bed, all seasons. Feels like a hug from mom :)

  3. That is too cute, I was the same way, losing enthusiasm once I'd cut out all the fabrics. This quilt is SO so adorable, I must have one!


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