Monday, March 26, 2012

animal eye chart

I am blind as a bat, like I can't see a thing. My contacts prescription is -8.00 and -7.00. I wear my contacts all the time and only put on my glasses before I go to bed. Well, the other day it was time to see the eye doctor and I decided to get some new frames too. They needed to be updated and better looking. Well, it turned out to be a good thing because I ran out of contacts..then they were back ordered...and never showed up so I have been wearing my new glasses for the past two days. Let me tell you, its been quite a challenge. I don't know how people wear glasses full time. I mean, can I tell you a what a disaster putting make up on was. I had my 10x magnifying mirror propped up on my nose and I still could not tell what I was doing. I did not go to the gym because I can't really walk straight with glasses on so running was totally out of the question.

They are cute and all but thank goodness I got my contacts back.

animal eye chart va swissmiss


  1. I am right there with you! Both of my eyes are -7.00 and my glasses are atrocious. I haven't gotten new frames since 199- I have no idea, it's been that long. I think I'd like to get Lasik once everything settles down post-bébé. We'll see. . .oh and congrats on training for the Broad St. run!

  2. Dad needed that animal eye chart in Haiti


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