Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Round Up: Monday

Mom, the perfect hostess. What an amazing memory that I stumbled upon today while looking for a chicken recipe.

Do you fell the age you are or do you feel like your inside age is much older or younger than you really are? I am still thinking on this one.

I started reading this book last night because of the above story. I have said it once before and I will say it forever more, Rebecca Woolf really knows how to write.

This color palette has inspired me to finally get the guest room put together. I adore these curtains but need to find them. DIY maybe but I would rather not.

Sally! You are all over the web! I love IT! We met at our mutual friends wedding and bonded over our "King" names. She is the sweetest and a southern belle to the T!

I love this floor plan china.

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  1. I have been meaning to drop you a note; I finished "The Night Circus" the other day and would love to discuss with someone else who's read it. I'm onto this new one called "MWF seeks BFF" (basically a NYC transplant to Chitown is in search of some friends). But, to some of your points in the post, I definitely feel my inner age is younger than my actual age. I mean, I feel now at 3- the same as I did at 17, or even 21. I know I look different, I know I have had way more experiences, but internally, I feel the same. Does that make any kind of sense?


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