Monday, October 18, 2010

Cool Camera Technique

I just found the website Kevin and Amanda and they posted the coolest idea ever about how to make a custom filter for your camera. Now, the thing is you must be using a manual, old school looking camera. No point and shoot fit in your back pocket camera. What it does is takes the light score ( a Christmas tree would be perfect) and makes it show up in different shapes. I love the hearts and snow flakes. There are step by step instruction here and I would love for one of photog friends to try this. I am looking at you Katie...can we try this the next time we hang out?!! I just love this, it is just so sparkly and fun.


  1. Sooo fun!! Wish I were crafty enough to rig up that lens thingey.

  2. I think we could figure this out together, lets try at Christmas. I think Mom has the little shape cut outs!


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