Thursday, October 21, 2010

flower day

Alex and I were looking thru our wedding photos the other day and when I can across these photos of  the centerpieces I just smiled. I just love it all over again. We both felt like we were looking thru the photos for the very first time. I have so many memory blanks about my wedding. It just feels like a dream. Thank goodness we have such good photos to look at by Katie Stoops. Do you married people feel the same way?
Florals by the beautiful Jamie Medley


  1. Such gorgeous flowers and pictures. Your flowers were beautiful. It's always fun to look through photos and remember new things. It's so hard to remember everything that happened at the wedding and those photos let you see what your guests were enjoying while you were elsewhere.

  2. AMEN! Seems like a complete dream, but our album brings it to reality every time we look through it. An album (and an excellent photographer) is the one thing I tell people to splurge on because your photos are all you have after a year of planning such a momentous day!

  3. I agree Sarah 100% about splurging on your photographer, its sooo important. Sarah, your photos were so beautiful too. Alena have you gotten your album yet?

  4. I haven't picked out my pictures yet and I have to make one for my Mom and Dad too. I keep putting on my to-do list and moving it...I just need to sit down and do it!


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