Thursday, November 18, 2010

Design blunders

When I saw this image in the Flor magazine and on line I instantly fell in love with this Sophistikat Pattern. I knew it would be just the perfect floor covering for our office. I had great great plans! Finally, I would have just what I needed to finish one room and then be inspired to move to the next room. Well, sometimes it is just better to dream about the possibilities because the reality is such a let down. Let me break it down for you.

Alex and I ordered this carpet and got a nice designer discount. It just so happened that when we ordered the product they were re doing their computer system so what we got in the mail the first go around were (25) 6" x 6" tiles. The samples sizes. No big deal, after some phone call and nice customer service we finally go the right order processed.

When we got our new order in the mail, to our big disappointment they looked NOTHING like the picture above. The colors were so muted. The white was more grey. The blue was dull and I mean none of the zig zags lined up. We spent a good hour or so on the floor trying to make this puzzle of a carpet look good. We tried to love it but could not. The color was just so blah. SO not like the picture we fell in love with. Just a total failure of an order. So the hunt continues for new carpet and the office floor once again in bare. All, I have to say is Bad Photoshop...Bad Photoshop!

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