Monday, November 1, 2010

one or two

I am looking to for a console table for the house to catch everything when Alex and I walk in the door. It needs to be slim, because there is not that much space to work with. I really like both of these options from west elm, but I am not sure which one I like better. The Parsons Console is fabulous because the Parson design is so classic and I love that is comes in white. I also love that it has drawers. The Rustic Acacia Console is also beautiful and I love that it has two shelves. It is more rustic than my usual taste but it might be nice to throw something so rustic into our more modern designed home. I seem to be very drawn to the white these days. I am a little over the wood look. What do you think? Help me. Or do you know of something better?


  1. You describe the two with more love towards the white table -- I say, go with that. Besides, drawers are KEY to hiding little things that dirty up the walkway space. I don't know if you remember the bench man in Belgium -- he used to make benches out of old beds. I want one of those for my entry way!

  2. Hey RR, I do remember the bench man from Belgium. My parents have one in their entry way. I thought your Mom got a couple, can't she give/loan you one?! Yeah, I think I am gonna go for the White Parsons...!!!


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