Tuesday, April 5, 2011


HI, I hope everyone had nice weekend and Monday. I was lucky enough to have two meetings outside today and for like the first time in 6 months I was warm. The older I get the colder I always am. Here are a couple of my favorite posts that I have found out and about on the web.

The other day I picked up this lip gloss and am now in L O V E  with my new apricot tinted lips.

I want to throw an adult cereal party! Give me Lucky Charms!

Do you suffer from this? I don't but know people who do and will now cut them a little slack.

I just discovered that this butter dish has free shipping...ok I think I need this. I really do.

Rachel's cooking videos make me happy and are so inspiring. I wish I liked cooking more.

Alena from Oh It's Just Perfect tagged me for "the sweetest blogger award"...coming soon 7 facts about me! Thanks Alena

Playing Dress Up!

My dream Back Yard

Image above


  1. I've thrown a cereal party before, hehe, complete with pj's and girlie movies!! I'm sure you're not surprised! It was inspired by Philly's "Cereality Cereal Bar" and I've been meaning to write a blog post about it... but I don't think I have any cute pics from it, le sigh!

  2. @Crystal, you always throw the best parties. I remember Cereality Cereal Bar on Penn's Campus! I went there once and LOVED it...my kind of place! We often do Cereal Bar for Mitzvahs.

  3. Le sigh! my favorite Internet expression!


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