Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sweetest Blogger Award

Alena, from Oh, Its Just Perfect tagged me for "the sweetest blog" award. With the acceptance of the award I will now pass along seven facts about myself.

1. I went to school for Interior Design and did commercial design for five years. I met my husband Alex at work. He too is a Designer. I now do Event Planning for a Catering Company and Event Management. I have done a complete career change and am very happy. I have someone of a Cinderella story in the sense that I worked my way up from the very bottom. My ID background helps me out every day. My boss/co-worker/friend from the first Internship I had at an event planning company has taught me that if you have the desire to learn something new you can do anything. She helped me get where I am today and I am eternally grateful!

2. I talk about food and special events all day long but have no interest in cooking and I can't stand touching raw meat.

3. I often listen more than talk.

4. I grew up in Brussels, Belgium and moved back to the States for College. I studied abroad in London and know Brussels and London's public transportation system better than I know the street of Philadelphia.

 5. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite meal and oatmeal is my favorite Breakfast. I need to make it more. I love small bite size often kid targeted food and I crave sit down dinners with my family and friends. Nothing is better than good food, wine, company and conversation!

6. Only when I go the the gym in the morning do I ever leave the house without mascara. Sometimes, I put some on to feel more awake.  I wear at least 3, sometimes 4 different kinds at a time. My best friend Eliza showed me this years ago and I will never look back.

7. One of my biggest fears is being somewhere and thirsty. I always carry water with me, usually Smart Water. I really love the way it tastes. For the past three years I have avoided Coffee. My skin does better without it. But, for some reason in the past two weeks I have been craving and drinking coffee. I had one good cup  and keeping trying to get back to that taste. I have not had that same taste yet so I think I will stop trying. It makes me crazy anyway.

Thanks Alena for letting me Play this fun game. I now tag
Crystal from Invite the Unexpected...she needs to get back to blogging because she knows too many wonderful things not to.
Jennifer from Jennifer Nicole... my Chicago blog friend

Enjoy my friends.


  1. Love your seven things! And the mascara tip...I'm going to have to try that!! I desperately need to look more awake this morning :) xoxo

  2. Thanks Claire!! Keep an eye out for some fun new posts soooooon!! :)

  3. I'm definitely trying the multiple mascaras tonight although I'm not sure I have 4 different types right now! Maybe I'll swing by the store :) Definitely obsessed with chocolate chip pancakes for dinner!!!

  4. Oh what fun things to read about my precious, unique and wonderfully beautiful daughter, inside and out.

  5. Trust me Alena and Alyse....multiple mascaras are the way to go!

  6. Claire! Saw your email and finally got around to this. You are too sweet and I'm so fortunate to 'know' you :) So much fun learning more about you, thanks for tagging me in this!!

  7. @Jennifer Nicole..I can't wait to see what you write!


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