Monday, June 13, 2011

Our New Backsplash

So you know that Kitchen Renovation that I have been in the midst of for months...well here is a picture of the new backsplash that Alex and I installed over the weekend. Its a two day projects, everything has to set overnight and when its grouted and finished and all cleaned up I will make sure to show you those results and the rest of the kitchen. We have gotten to the point where we just need to finish it. Or we will just continue to live in a half done, state of limbo space for ever.

Alex met with a wall covering installer the other day and are about to get that rolling and our friend who is a painter is going to come and paint the whole interior of the house in a couple of weeks too. We have actually selected the color which is a feat on its own!

We are in the finishing touches phase and its really getting there! I am so happy with this white subway tile, it has upgraded the look instantly!!! Till tomorrow and till more pictures...the transformation from what it was is amazing! A quick reminder of the before.


  1. OMG, Claire!!! Gorgeous!!!!

  2. You two (along with Hosea's help) have not only designed but constructed a fabulous kitchen. I guess that's what happen when 2 designers marry. Love, Mom

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Claire! What great style you have! Can't wait to see more pics.


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