Monday, August 8, 2011


My pinterest fashion board is making me wish for new clothes or new ways to wear the ones I have. The other day, my co -worker said to me- that if I wore black for one more day he was gonna freak out!!!! I am starting to see some fall looks and am loving them and my hunt for the perfect black and brown riding boat is on. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ohh, you see that beautiful coral-ish dress up above, its a DIY. I just adore it and need to find someone to make it for me. I am not crafty like that at all!


  1. I want that sequined yesterday. I would have no where to wear something like that to so I suppose I could just lounge around the house in it haha.

  2. I love that coral dress and the DIY steps are pretty straightforward. I think I might be able to handle something low tech like that -- in between all my other home decor projects, of course.


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