Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I had the most fabulous trip to CT. over the weekend. A little girls weekend, with a mini high school reunion (Hi Sarah), lots of amazing food, perfect weather and even better company. I spent the weekend in Stonington  with by best girls Eliza and Katie and we just did the weekend up right. On Friday we had dinner with my old friend Sarah from high school and what was so great about the whole night was that it felt like no times had passed between us. It has been about 10 years since our last get together! We might as well have been back in Brussels laughing it up like the old days. It was so fun and I look forward to our next visit. The rest of the trip was spent eating a lot, shopping and taking tons of pictures. Here are some from the trip. I love best girl friends.

 Sarah and me
 One of my favorite places to eat

 Katie and Me
Eliza, Me and Sarah


  1. Yayyy! I had so much fun with you and Eliza. I have NO idea what I'm staring at in the photo of us haha

  2. Had so much fun seeing you guys as well -- Katie it was nice to meet you! Can't wait to see y'all again!!

  3. Four beautiful women. Great to see Sarah again. Cherish and maintain the women in your life. Love, Mom


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