Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reblog this....

The weather is changing...its affecting me more than I thought. I think a lot of people are kind of going thru the same thing. Its hard to wake up in the dark and then come home and in the dark. I have been meaning to post about this for awhile. Heather from Dooce put it so well. Though, Fall is fun and brings with it scarfs, and yummy food and boots it also brings a longing for something. I think...light. Sunshine, warmth and energy that sometimes goes somewhere far away in these back months.

I am ok right now, but I know its coming. With that being said...Reblog this....thanks Blurbomat.


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  1. I agree - i love the mornings and now they're so hard without any sunshine. Although i have found a good cure is taking a walk in the middle of the day, even if its for 5 minutes to rejuvenate yourself. miss you sweet pea!xo


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