Friday, June 18, 2010


 (Yup, he is crying)

Father's Day is just around the corner and I have been thinking about my Pops quite a bit. The funny thing about it is that I think as the days go by and the older i get the more and more I am turning into him. Let me explain. I am turning into an emotional crier. This is new for me. I don't cry at movies, or weddings or anything of the sort utile about this year. I did not even cry at my own wedding. I thought I might but I did not.

My Dad on the other had was of course his usual emotional ol' self. The Dad we all know and love. The Dad who cries at about every movie, news report, song, sporting event, church...everything. We were afraid he might not make it down the aisle at my wedding due to the amount of tears we feared he might shed. But, he actually did quite splendid and only shed a drop or two.

But, I digress here. We ARE talking about me. While watching the World Cup at the gym today I suddenly noticed my self getting all choked up while watching the USA-Slovenia game. I don't know what came over me. USA was down one goal and then the scored and then all of the sudden I had to get control of myself because I got overcome with emotion and then BAM I thought I might cry.

Sports do that to me. Don't even get me stated on the Tour de France. I know how hard I work to run for an hour or mostly less and then I see these guys playing like mad men and are like running 
F O R E V E R and then I get all choked up and then I say to myself... "God!!! I am just like my Dad!!"

Well, you know what. I am ok with the this new me peaking about. Cause my Dad is super cool and I will take it. I love you Dad and Happy Father's Day.

Dad, when you read this...try not to cry.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Photo by Katie Stoops

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  1. Actually, Don said. I love your father's day blog. I love being your dad. It did make me tear up a little. Glad to see you getting excited about sports! Love you. Dad


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