Monday, July 19, 2010

hi, hello, bonjour

Hi friends, so sorry for the light posting last week. With my birthday, a new house and a trip to the beach I really was not around my computer that much. I am back and have missed you all.

Alex and I went to Atlantic City, our old home for my birthday and stayed at the boutique ( meaning no casino in it) hotel The Chelsea. It was wonderful. The design is excellent and the bed was hard to get out of. We spent the day on the beach, went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant Girasole. They have the best pizza on the East Coast there. It is most like real Naples pizza. I get it every time I go there. We met up with some friends and did a little shopping. We are not gamblers, but just love AC. We love the salty air and it always feels like we are "home" there. Poor AC is really down in the dumpster with this recession but we love its frantic ol' self anyway.

We spent the weekend back and forth to the new house and cleaned every inch of it till it sparkled. I tried to channel my grandmother the whole time. She was the queen of clean and I really thought about her the whole time.  The new house has no AC so it was a pretty dirty/sweaty job but it is now done.

Have you guys heard of Pinterest? It is my new favorite computer thing. Basically you can "pin" things that you find on line to one central location. You create a visual collection of things that you love and you can share you finds with everyone and see what other members like. You can check out my finds here.

(Tulips in Holland image)


  1. Pinterest? That might just be my new latest obsession!! ;-)

  2. Happy belated Birthday, Claire! :)


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