Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The other day I was listening to NPR and they talked about this website called "I write like". You copy in an example of your writing/blog/tweet into the website and it will analyze your words and tell you which famous writer you write like. I was very excited to see what would come up. My first text results came up with David Foster Wallace...I have no idea who this is and have not read any of his work. So, I decided I would try another sample of text from my blog. Well, the second time...it came up with Stephenie Meyer...I again did not know who this was...then I did a little research...and man...I about cried. The author of Twilight...just kill me. I am not a fan. Granted I have not read the books, but I saw the first movie and that was enough for me. Maybe if I were to read the books, I might feel a little better but right now...I. JUST. DON'T. But wait...maybe I am such a good writer, that one day millions will read my blog. Ok, I feel better.

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  1. Turn that lemon into lemonade...Get those millions of readers! :)

    Ps. I've haven read the book or seen the movie. I'm sure she's very talented.


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