Wednesday, August 18, 2010

young love

The other day when I was walking back to my car from the gym I was lucky enough to witness some pure young, I am guessing high school love. There was this young girl walking in front of me and her car happened to be parked 2 cars from mine. Well, waiting for her at her car was I am guessing her boyfriend with a bouquet of flowers. She saw him, screamed, "AHHHH, I hate you" and then give him the biggest hug ever. I think the boyfriend had been their for a long while because right after they hugged she then screamed " OH My GOD!!! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE?" He, was all cute and said for a while, I had to find your car!! His buddy then popped up and said, Yeah, we had to look for a long time.

It was so cute, and young and made me smile for a long time. Maybe he was trying to make it up to her after a fight?


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