Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I picked up YOU BETTER NOT CRY the other day knowing full well that I was in for a disturbing, hilarious treat. Augusten Bourroughs cracks me up, I have read most of his books. I think Running with Scissors is my favorite. It was so funny and so wrong and I could not put it down. Bourroughs says it like it is and even when its not pretty, which most they are not.  He makes you laugh about it. YOU BETTER NOT CRY asks and tries to answer some of the mysteries of Christmas, like how growing up Bourroughs had a hard time telling the difference between Jesus and Santa. When Joseph and God got thrown into the pot it even got more confusing. I mean if you break it down it is pretty confusing.

Then they had to go throw Joseph at me. Who the hell was Joseph?
It turned out, he was Mary's husband, so that made him the father of Jesus. But I was under the impression that God was Jesus's father. So was Joseph God? Was Joseph also Santa?...
And what about Father Christmas? Explain that one?!
The music of the season further added to my confusion. How was I supposed to tell Santa and Jesus apart when we sang, "He knows when you've been bad or good," when it was Jesus who watched you all the time? And then when we had to sing, "Oh, come let us adore him," which one did they mean? I figured Santa, because it was on his lap we were allowed to sit. I imagined you'd probably get in trouble if you tried to sit on Jesus
So, if you are looking for a holiday read....give YOU BETTER NOT CRY a try!

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