Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just in love....

I check out Twig & Thistle everyday when I wake up. It is one of my favorite blogs and well yesterday I can't even explain to you how happy I was to see this post. My brother is getting married in June and I have been helping with the planning and design of the Rehearsal Dinner. I was thinking that it would look really cool to have the name cards in the shape of book marks and then we would place river rocks in the center to keep them in place on top of the napkin. The Rehearsal dinner is going to be held on a dock so I did not want to use the typical tent card in fear that it might fly away. Well, these were just thoughts in my heard and to wake up and find just about the same idea all laid out in front of me made me sooo happy. It was a total visual for the Bride and my Mom to see. T&T takes the best photos and you know what else...if you, my internet friends wanted to do this too, you can...for free. You can download the template and see more detailed instruction and pictures here. Thanks T&T for making my vision seem so much more attainable.

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