Monday, May 3, 2010

my weekend.

Are you looking for the perfect dish towel to use, frame or gift? Well you need not look any further than To Dry For. com. It has the cutest round up of towels and I know you will all love them. 
(Via swissmiss)

So over the weekend, I had a really good shopping day in AC! It was one of those days when everything you try on fits and everything is so well priced. It was super hot, but I loved it. And once again, as it seems to always be the case when A and I go shopping in AC there was a cheer-leading competition being held. It is one freaky sight to behold. Little girls everywhere with make up and hair and yelling and ohhh A could only take so much of it.

Sunday was nice and hot so we took a long hike in the woods...which was great but made us so tired we both had to take a nap. I love when that happens. AND!!! I ate fish for snapper to be exact AND I actually LIKED IT!!! This is a BIG DEAL!!! AREN'T you proud of me...I am of me!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend too.

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